Infinitesimal Entomologist

Trying to capture those last few pleasures of summer is always bittersweet, so I thought I would capture my own pocket-sized pinch of summer bliss that could last me the whole year… Or as I like to call them, butterflies. Moving into the warm seasons, butterflies always lighten my heart and make me hold dear the beauty that is nature. Never wanting to disturb Mother Nature’s creations and definitely not willing to bump off any real insects, I decided to become a miniature entomologist.

butterfly box magnify

All I needed were a few butterfly prints, a Popsicle stick and some paint, and these little boxes came to life.

butterfly box big

With these boxes of color adding a little flare to my desk, I have a shimmer of summer any time I need it.

butterfly box set

Now on to making a dark little study to tuck these away into…the only question now is, what other little oddities should I adorn it with?

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