Fresh Digs

Home sweet home! I can finally, officially say I have my very own home. Albeit it’s just a quaint apartment, but home is what you make it after-all. With this new, exciting adventure unfolding in my life I can’t help but want to share a tidbit of my new abode with you.Our charming building was once upon a time an awning warehouse completely renovated into a six unit apartment building just a stones throw away from some awesome parks and shops.Inside this modernized building flea market finds can be spotted in every corner of our small apartment from the vintage trunk repurposed into a coffee table to the $18 mustard yellow armchairs which are adorned with $4 throw pillows.. You can never go wrong with thrifting.

With those big comfy (thrifted) armchairs, I of course had to create a little reading corner to tuck away into.

  To complete the reading nook I had to bring a little of the outside in. So accompanying the books and reading lamp are a few succulents and our little beta fish, Scotland.


And who can go wrong with a couple terrarium globes hanging above your head while you read?

A peek of the desk in the new guest bedroom/study where I will surely be found paying my newly acquired bills and hopefully, once in awhile, you may actually find me doing something creative!

I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life and get my home feeling homey! Stay tuned for updates..

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