Artsy Fartsy

Recently I’ve been dreaming of having my very own art studio where my inspiration can run free and the only desk in the room won’t become unbelievable cluttered. So, I decided to create a teeny tiny studio I could fit just about anywhere. Though its not the kind of functional space I need, a girl can always dream.


What kind of art room is complete without some paint splatters and sketch pads lying around. Its kind of quaint, don’t you think?


And of course you have to have a few works in progress in any art studio, so i added a few quick sketches on tracing paper. Maybe I will add a miniature finished painting in there too. The possibilities are endless when all you need are a few scraps of paper some popsicle sticks and polymer clay.


I had so much fun making this little scene, I may just have to start a collection of miniature rooms. Time to start brainstorming. What do you think would make a fabulous minuscule scene?


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