Crepes & Board

I’ve recently had a fascination that I wanted to share with you. After opening up my rusty brown box full of polymer clay, a mixture of who-knows-what kind of tools, and different odds and ends I decided to give it a try. As an extra bonus I get to show off a little of my chalk board desktop, which is amazingly useful! If any of you crafters don’t already have one you should look into it. You won’t regret it! With out further ado, here’s my minuscule finished product..


My strawberry-blueberry crepe prep board complete with a cream mixing bowl. That is a standard size (broken) piece of chalk accompanying my teeny creation.. I swear!
I’m happy with my first mini prep board! I used the queen of all websites, Pinterest, to satisfy my fascination with theses awesome miniature prep boards. I could look at them for hours.. Oh wait I already have. I hope to share some new itsy-bitsy projects with you soon.

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