Infinitesimal Entomologist

Trying to capture those last few pleasures of summer is always bittersweet, so I thought I would capture my own pocket-sized pinch of summer bliss that could last me the whole year… Or as I like to call them, butterflies. Moving into the warm seasons, butterflies always lighten my heart and make me hold dear the beauty […]

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Fresh Digs

Home sweet home! I can finally, officially say I have my very own home. Albeit it’s just a quaint apartment, but home is what you make it after-all. With this new, exciting adventure unfolding in my life I can’t help but want to share a tidbit of my new abode with you.Our charming building was […]

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Kindess & Joy

A little over 8 months ago my girlfriends lovely sister was graced with a beautiful baby boy, KJ. He has become the light of our lives and you can’t slap a smile off our faces when we are around him. Bloggers I present KJ! This awesome little creature we have all fallen in love with. […]

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Artsy Fartsy

Recently I’ve been dreaming of having my very own art studio where my inspiration can run free and the only desk in the┬ároom won’t become unbelievable cluttered. So, I decided to create a teeny tiny studio I could fit just about anywhere. Though its not the kind of functional space I need, a girl can […]

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Crepes & Board

I’ve recently had a fascination that I wanted to share with you. After opening up my rusty brown box full of polymer clay, a mixture of who-knows-what kind of tools, and different odds and ends I decided to give it a try. As an extra bonus I get to show off a little of my […]

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Everyday Pride

This weekend I was accompanied by friends, family, and my lovely girlfriend to walk in the Cincinnati Gay Pride Parade. Cincinnati Pride had an amazing turn out. The overwhelming support by the crowd and our fellow parade walkers was awe inspiring. I am so grateful my beautiful parents and amazing friends came to show their […]

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Warm Weather Wishing

With the warm weather finally taking root in Cincinnati, I’ve had the time to be more outdoorsy and also look back on all the excitement we experienced last year. Such as… Football games.. Who Dey! Feeding giraffes at the zoo.. Canoeing.. And a little mischief while canoeing.. Camping out… And finally a trip to the […]

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